small_Frank Wander - Head Shot - Cropped_0.jpgFrank Wander is an author, noted speaker, and an expert on building high performing cultures.  After investing many years transforming failing IT divisions across corporations, Wander realized these failures had a consistent root cause: corporate cultures where the leaders knew everything about products, processes and technology, but nothing about the human factors that underpin workforce productivity and innovation.  This awareness led him to write a book for Wiley Publishing, titled Transforming IT Culture: How to Use Social Intelligence, Human Factors and Collaboration to Create an IT Department that Outperforms.  This book is the missing Operators Manual for the “human infrastructure”. It peers inside the information technology profession to reveal the human factors that drive employee engagement, organizational effectiveness and competitive advantage.

Frank was a Chief Information Officer at three different companies, and has held a wide array of leadership roles in a career spanning 34 years. He has deep functional expertise in organizational design, IT, client services, operations and management consulting.  Wander is a sought after speaker and panelist at industry events who connects with his audience by sharing meaningful stories, and proven strategies for creating high performance. He has given the keynote address at many technology industry events, and has appeared on Business Insider, internet radio, and in the Wall Street Journal. 

He is currently working with executives that want to transform their cultures in order to unlock vast pools of untapped talent potential, while designing the first human infrastructure management tools.  As he sees it, companies will embrace a 21st-century blueprint for building high performance, or they will slowly melt away.