The objective of coaching is to improve an aspect of job performance in a positive, constructive way, consistent with the culture and values of your company. Coaching is a positive, learning experience for the coaching candidate translating into positive behavior changes. These changes result in greater accomplishments and improved performance. The result is a positive impact to your bottom line, which can be measured and capitalized upon.


The coaching methodology that we use empowers people to reinvent themselves by getting them to be consciously aware of their frames of reference, behaviors and thinking, and is most successful when performed in a positive, nurturing environment. Confidentiality is maintained throughout.


  • Secure agreement on the area for coaching and the goal
  • Gather data in a safe, unobtrusive way via interviews or other instruments
  • Determine areas of strength and areas for development

Strategy Development:

  • Clarify the goals of the engagement
  • Establish developmental objectives
  • Create an action plan with milestones and timelines
  • Review with appropriate parties to gain understanding and support


  • Bi-weekly meetings between the coach and the coaching candidate
  • Observation by the coach at meetings, interviews, presentations, etc. as appropriate
  • Readings, tapes, classes, workshops or other educational activities
  • Developmental exercises appropriate to the assignment
  • Periodic meetings with the client (person who has engaged Steve Heckler Associates)

What You Can Expect

You can expect learning and positive reinforcement through doing. Throughout the process you will receive constructive feedback from your coach resulting in heightened awareness of the situation you are being coached on. We focus on downstream thinking, which will show up in the exercises that you perform. Our goal for you is to establish a framework for self-sufficiency, such that you will be able to recognize success at the end of the engagement. Of course, we will tailor this approach and methodology to your particular situation.

Different Coaching Programs


Steve Heckler Associates offers several different Coaching programs. These include:

Projectized Coaching

Projectized coaching is where you are coached through a project - e.g. a Strategic Plan or an Organization Design. We coach while you do the work and learn through doing. This type of project can be hourly or on a fixed price (if we can define the project well enough).

Developmental Coaching

Developmental coaching is where we identify a specific need or needs and Steve Heckler Associates develops a customized program for you. If you are not sure as to where your developmental needs lie, we can conduct a 360 assessment for you and we can look at your self evaluation and what others have to say about you across multiple dimensions. We would focus on those areas that represent need for development or gaps between your self-assessment and the assessment of you by others. Performance coaching is a part of Developmental coaching - where you are having difficulty in an area of responsibility and Steve Heckler Associates can help you with that - it can be functionally based or relationship based.

Team Building

Steve Heckler Associates offers several different Team Building programs.

We offer a Team Building workshop based on the Patrick Lencioni book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. This workshop can be anywhere from 1/2 day to 2 full days.  The five areas we work on include:

  • Absence of trust
  • Fear of conflict
  • Lack of commitment
  • Avoidance of accountability
  • Inattention to results

We also offer Team Building where we will work with you and your team to address team specific issues. The issues we will work on can be either known or can be uncovered through interviewing team members.  In the interview process, we look for themes so as to preserve anonymity of team members being interviewed. Once issues are understood, a customized workshop is developed.

In either case, we try to link your team building needs with the use of the DISC assessment tool which examines people's natural and adaptive behaviors in the work environment. Each participant will take two assessments: one which focuses on behavioral styles and one which focuses on individual values. The concept here is that values drive behaviors. We focus on having individual team members develop communications strategies for communicating with each other to enhance interactions in the work place. If you can understand people's natural behavioral styles and/or recognize when they are adapting their style to the situation or work place, then based on your understanding of DISC behavioral styles, you can choose a communication strategy to interact with them more effectively.

On-going Executive Coaching

On-going coaching is where we meet face to face for 2 hours, either weekly or every other week. If we meet every other week then in the intervening weeks we may meet by phone for 1 hour. We also offer phone coaching, although we prefer face-to-face communications. This program is a 6 month program in which we work on the items you wish to that are facing you at the time we meet. We can work on developmental issues or day-to-day issues. This is a very personalized program as each individual's needs are different.

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