• Budgeting: "15 Rules to Live By For A Successful IT Budget - A Primer on IT Budgeting" Request a Copy
  • In Progress: "Advisory Boards" and "Cost of Turnover"

Speaking Engagements:

  • Keynote: PacBell - Future of theHealth Care Industry
  • Keynote: ACSIM Long Beach - Technology Convergence
  • Keynote: ASM San Diego
  • Speaker - Leadership Effectiveness - Santa Clara University
  • Speaker - Workplace Hollywood - Resumes/Interviewing
  • Speaker - Year 2000 Conference, SCSIM
  • Speaker - WCIL - How to succeed in IT
  • Speaker - AITP - Strategies for Personal Advancement
  • Speaker - OPEN Networking Group (EDD)- Strategies for Personal Advancement
  • Speaker - SIM Spring Conference (2005)- Strategies for Success
  • Speaker - SCQAA (Orange County) - Strategies for Success (2006)
  • Speaker - PCMA - Communities of Practice (2007)
  • Panelist - SIM Fall Conference - Leadership (2007)
  • Panelist - University of California Alumni - Career Advancement Strategies for IT Professionals (2008)
  • Speaker - PMI (Project Management Institute) (2009)
  • Panelist - SIM Spring Executive Forum - Marshall Goldsmith (2011)
  • Panelist - UCLA MBA Program (2011)
  • Mentor - WITI/SCSIM Mentoring Event (2015)



5 Dysfunctions of a Team Workshop - "Steve has a mastery of his material and a thoughtul, articulate way of working with executives.  We engaged Steve to assist our senior leadership team in integrating Lencioni's Overcoming the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team into our daily work environment.  The results have exceeded my expectations and I am thrilled in the growth the team as achieved.  I highly recommend Steve for executive coaching."

- Brian McCarthy, Executive Vice-President, FutureDontics, Inc.

Coaching - "Steve has been a great coach and mentor in helping me to clarify/assess competing priorities and to focus on strategic objectives. His vast experience as a CIO also is an asset when we discuss complex business problems"

- Ananta Mukerji, Co-Founder, Aviana Global Technologies


Coaching - "Steve's wealth of experience helps a lot, but what really makes him a great coach is his passion for the field. Steve is always keeping up with the latest trends in coaching and management practices and then applying those learnings to help with specific issues at work"

- Robert Gage, VP IT Operations, DirecTV

Coaching - "I have enjoyed having the opportunity to have a professional coach. It has helped me to broaden my perspective and evaluate circumstances differently. Steve provides insightful and context sensitive guidance."

- Rasesh Patel, VP IT Business Value Management, DirecTV

Coaching - "If you need to become more savvy and strategic thinking to propel your IT career and can benefit from life lessons of a former IT executive you must consider Steve."

- Ted Gresham, Sr. Director, Software Quality Assurance, DirecTV

Coaching - "Steve helps me to see both the big picture and the tactical maneuvers required to support it. He is great at helping me to focus on the right things at the right times."

- Chris Beaudin, Sr. Director, IT Finance, DirecTV

Coaching - "Steve is an excellent coach with a wealth of knowledge in the industry. He uses his vast experience as an executive as well as his straight forward approach to make a big difference in the coaching experience. Some people have the experience but can't translate it to coaching. Steve has both."

- Tolu Makinde, Project Manager, Avery Dennison

Coaching - "Steve knows business and management and all the rest, he mastered it years ago. But instead of some boilerplate curriculum, he taught me just what I needed to know at the time. That’s the first thing, Steve works on your agenda. The biggest thing he taught me was to understand everyone around me better, to ask clearer questions and to consider  words and their meaning. “Understand where others are coming from…” And Steve gave me both concepts and tactics on everything from hiring and firing to gaining buy-in across different teams. But best of all, he consistently, constantly, emphatically insists on finding the positive path, the way for collaboration, the path of true corporate stewardship. And I’m better for it, at work, at home, and even all alone in my own head. Thank you, Steve.”

- Kristine W. MacRae, Director of Portfolio Management, DIRECTV

Coaching - "Steve's passion, experience, and integrity have contributed significantly to my professional and personal growth. While I do keep up-to-date with the newest leadership and management books, I learn and apply more from Steve's insights and situational analysis. Steve's authentic style and candor provides me with confidential feedback that is actionable and leaves me feeling energized to make changes."

- Gabriel Cortina, Director of Technology, Medtronic/Minimed

Coaching - "Steve has helped me to unlock my potential and see the opportunities for growth, development and success in my future."

- Janette Dooley, PROSUM Technologies

Coaching - "I had the pleasure of working with Steve during the startup and launch phase of a project which had tight time frames and large deliverables. Steve was a valuable mentor and taught me many aspects of IT project management which were essential to the growth of the Company and my Department."

- Ray Panahon, Manager. Systems Administration & Tech Ops, REELZ Channel

Strategies for Success - “Steve Heckler helps managers discover how to make themselves more valuable by thinking strategically and how to make the time for thinking strategically by anticipating and dealing with issues and risks early, grooming subordinates via intelligent delegation, and planning and budgeting wisely.”

- Susan Thompson, PMP, CSQA, CSTE. SCQAA-OC Vice Chair

Team Building - "Both the individual staff interviews and the combined staff retreat were well thought out, planned, and executed. Steve Heckler Associates led us through a process that helped our department to bring positive focus to our core values, mission, and team ethic."

- John Richo, Director of Information Technology, City of Culver City

IT Budgeting - "I asked Steve if he can find a way to bring my entire IT staff up a level re: budgets and finance. There was ongoing confusion with some players regarding the difference between Expense and Capital items. I felt that the entire team could use a grounding in the basics of finance to make them more rounded employees, even if many of their jobs did not require this information. Steve created a presentation that was well received, and even better, it was entertaining, holding the interest of the entire staff, from Operator to Director. We surveyed the class afterwards and Steve received rave results. The best part is that he fulfilled my request, exceeded my expectations and delivered an interactive presentation with the staff that everyone benefited from and enjoyed participating in. I would recommend Steve's organization without reservation."

- Wes Scruggs, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Aptium Oncology, Inc.

General - "Steve is one of the most knowledgible IT executives out there today. He is one of the few that has traversed the 3 year average survivabilty statistic with stellar results. A consummate artisan in Management, he has achieved accomplishments in the area of IT that few can boast. As a client - he was clear and concise in what he wanted from his service providers and always had a well defined list of success criteria that made working for him quite refreshing..."

- Rick Ricker, President ESC (Enterprise Systems Consulting)