Leadership Development

This workshop is based upon the premise that Leadership is learned. Leadership is not something you are born with. Leadership has absolutely nothing to do with your position or your status. It has everything to do with your behavior.

Leadership Development is self-development. The leader’s primary instrument is the self. It’s what we do with ourselves that makes the difference. The mastery of the art of leadership is the mastery of the self.

The number one reason leaders succeed in their roles is the quality of the relationships with their constituents, particularly their direct reports. The number one reason they derail is poor relationships with their constituents. And the number one reason people voluntarily leave their organizations is that they have relationship issues with their immediate manager.

This workshop consists of two parts: A 360 Assessment resulting in a Development Plan for the participant and a Leadership Workshop which focuses on discovering your own Leadership Style and Vision.

The first part (4 hours) focuses on participants in the workshop taking the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI), a 360 assessment of the participant’s leadership practices based on the work of Kouzes and Poser, the Leadership Challenge. In the workshop, participants learn to analyze their feedback and develop a short-term action plan for improvement. In the workshop we explore the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership ®; we examine the valid, reliable and useful feedback about the extent to which the participants engage in the Five Practices. Out of this feedback, we identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. An outcome of the workshop is that each participant will write a plan for his or her next steps in their leadership development.

The second part (4 hours) focuses on the examining basic skills based on The Leadership Pipeline and then explores individual's personal leadership style, vision and understanding more about themselves. Exercises lead to greater understanding. This part of the workshop is based on Discovering the Leader in You. An outcome of the workshop is that each participant will develop their own Leadership Vision.

This workshop is eight hours. Each participant will have to take a self-assessment and obtain assessments from previous and current managers, subordinates, peers and others who have observed the participant in a leadership role. These assessments can be completed on-line and must be completed prior to the workshop itself.


  • Introduction/Setting Objectives
  • Five areas of leadership - a framework
  • Leadership, organization and change
  • Creating your personal vision
  • Vision, values and behavior
  • Self awareness as a leader
  • Personal leadership profile
  • Leadership roles
  • Balance of work life and personal life
  • Creating your leadership vision
  • Being a leadership team

Duration: 8 hours