Management Effectiveness Training

Whether you are a first time supervisor or an experienced manager, this workshop will introduce or sharpen the basic skills needed to be a successful leader.

If you are like most managers and supervisors, you are constantly stretched and challenged by the issues that face all managers. As a result, there never seems to be enough time to focus in on yourself and how you can perform your job better.

In this workshop, we review basic management principles, the role of the manger, several management models including Dr. Paul Hersey’s The Situational Leader. As managers, we spend over 70% of our time communicating, so we focus on Communication Skills. Today, most managers feel out of control and want to bring more balance into their lives. Through our time management module, you will understand how you are spending your time today and establish strategies for shifting toward the way you would like to spend your time. We spend more time in meetings. How to run effective meetings, have and conduct effective 1-1’s with your boss and your subordinates, and how to shorten meetings are explored. Tips on how to do these as well as to assess if you should even attend meetings are presented.

We look at the whole Performance, Planning and Evaluation (PP&E) model. Suggestions for how to do these more effectively with real samples are provided. Using the instructor’s years of experience as a mentor and coach, a model for coaching subordinates is presented, with several concrete examples as a take away. Best practices for successful managers are explored, with many useful models reviewed. Moving from manager to leader and your role in the organization are covered.

The workshop completes with an interactive Jeopardy quiz to test participants on their course learnings.


  • Introduction/Setting Objectives
  • Management
  • Hiring./Firing
  • Time Management
  • Meetings
  • Planning
  • Performance, Planning & Evaluation
  • Manager as a Coach
  • Best Management Practices
  • Leadership
  • Being Part of the Management Team
  • Goals
  • Jeopardy (Final Exam)

Duration: 16 hours