Team Building

We offer customized team building sessions built around the DISC Behavioral Styles tool from Target Training International (TTI). By understanding your own natural behavioral style and those of others with whom you interact, you can adapt your style to theirs for a significantly enhanced result.

We use two assessment tools - the Employer-Manager DISC Assessment and the PIAV - Personal Interest, Attitudes and Values Assessment. The PIAV measures the why of your actions leading to an understanding of what drives your behavior and the attitudes that move you to action, while the DISC measures the how of your actions.

Using these tools as a foundation and integrating other specific business objectives, we design a specialized program that results in higher performing teams with a greater understanding of each as individuals with specific strategies for dealing with each other more effectively in the workplace.


  • Introduction/Setting Objectives
  • Communications
  • DISC behavioral style
  • Your personal DISC Assessment
  • PIAV (Personal interests, attitudes and values)
  • Mission/Vision/Values
  • Communications strategies using DISC
  • Action Plans

Duration: 8 hours