The Extraordinary Leader 360

The EL360 measures an individual’s ability in 16 key competencies.  Based on research published by Zenger-Folkman, the 16 competencies are those that differentiate extraordinary leaders from their peers. Both written and numeric responses are collected to provide participants with crucial information on how others’ perceptions of their performance align with their own.  This is a strengths based instrument. Unlike most 360 instruments, we focus on building on an individual’s strengths rather than on his/her weaknesses.  Only in the event that a weakness might be a “fatal flaw” do we focus on weaknesses in our development plans. This online assessment tool is complemented by the reading of the book The Extraordinary Leader by Zenger-Folkman (which is highly recommended).

The EL360 process looks like this:

To participate in an EL360, you will need to identify your respondents.  The following is a list of respondent types that are available. It is from this list that you will categorize or identify your respondents. When entering this info online, you will also be asked for the respondents’ email address, so be prepared with that information. You are encouraged to invite more than the minimum number of respondents needed, as not all respondents will complete the survey process. Additionally, it is VERY IMPORTANT to select people who KNOW YOU AND YOUR LEADERSHIP TRAITS WELL, in order to ensure meaningful results. SHA can assist you in identifying your potential respondents if you are having any difficulties.

Respondent Type # of Submissions needed
(for data to be reported as its own respondent category)
Manager A 1 Your first manager
Manager B 1 Your second manager (if applicable)
Manager C 1 Your third manager (if applicable)
Peers 3
Individuals who neither report to you or you to them (these can be peers within your own department and/or peers you work with outside of your department)
Direct Report 3
Individuals who report directly to you as their manager. These should be current direct reports. If you currently do not have at least 3 direct reports, it is recommended that you ask people who have previously been direct reports to participate.
Other 3
Individuals you would like to group as a separate category (could be vendors, clients, peers outside of your department if not already included in the Peers category)

You will need to identify a date by which you will ask all of your respondents to complete the survey process. It is suggested that you give people no more than 2 weeks (as they have a tendency to let it slip out to the outermost date).

Prior to the launch of the survey process, SHA recommends that you contact the respondents you plan to invite to the online survey process and communicate the following to them.

  • Let your respondents know that your will be inviting them to complete a leadership development survey to assess leadership effectiveness.
  • The survey will take approximately 20 minutes of their time.
  • Explain that an email to take the survey will come from Zenger Folkman Surveys
  • The data will be presented in a report format designed to maintain the confidentiality of the respondents. All responses to the survey, excluding the manager category, will be grouped with at least two other respondents to ensure that those submitting the feedback remain anonymous.
  • Note for you: Therefore it is highly recommended that you select 3-5 respondents for each category (other than manager) and continue to follow up with your respondents to ensure that at least 3 people from each Rater Category take the survey. That will ensure that your report reflects each category (peer, subordinate, other) and avoids, for example, having your subordinates grouped with others in the event that only two of your subordinates were to respond.

Once the data is collected, a confidential report will be generated.  All responses to the survey, excluding the manager category, will be grouped with at least two other respondents to ensure that those submitting feedback remain anonymous. In the feedback session, SHA will assist you in identifying your strengths and will work with you on your personalized Development Plan. This plan will focus on areas that you are passionate about, areas that are strengths for you and areas the represent the needs of your business. The ideal items to work on are those that represent the intersection of these three categories: passion, strengths and organizational needs.