Communities of Practice

Peer-to-Peer Networking for CIOs, HR Executives, CISOs, Infrastructure, Applications Development and Help Desk Managers

The benefits of networking with your peers are undeniable. You face similar challenges so you can quickly gain from their thinking and experiences. In the safety of a peer group you can share challenges and get honest feedback and ideas. Participants find these exchanges invaluable. You realize that you are not alone; others have gone through or are going through similar experiences.

Who do YOU turn to for advice…to bounce ideas off of?

Maybe your boss, employees or consultants? The best source of ideas and information is your peers. People who face many of the same challenges that you deal with on a daily basis. Individuals who understand and empathize with your position and problems and offer real world advice based on their own experiences.

Face-To-Face Peer Feedback.

For 15 years now we have been bringing together peers with similar responsibilities from diverse organizations in our “Communities of Practice.” Members say that the meetings are:

  • A great learning opportunity
  • A valuable sounding board for ideas and technology initiatives
  • Worth the half day investment of time.

Small, Selective, Confidential and Affordable.

The key to successful meetings is the quality and the sharing of the members. We are very selective in choosing members and strict about our code of conduct. We are respectful of everyone’s privacy and all discussions are confidential.

Separate Communities of Practice for CIOs, CHRO’s, CISOs, Heads of Infrastructure, Heads of Applications Development and Help Desk Managers ensure the meetings stay relevant to the participants. Communities of Practice have been established in Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley and Orange County to minimize travel for attendees.

We are so strong in our belief that everyone in an organization can benefit from a Community of Practice meeting that we make every effort to keep it affordable. The cost is only $250 per month (billed quarterly). We rotate the venues so that each member has an opportunity to host a meeting. A light lunch is served.

The Bottom Line.

  • Professionally facilitated peer group meetings
  • CIO’s, HR execs, CISOs, Infrastructure execs, Application development execs and Help Desk managers
  • Confidential sharing of information and ideas
  • Small group size (under 15)
  • Half a day, once a month
  • Only $250 per month
  • Over 100 COP Members with an average membership of 3.8 years

A sampling of the members of the Community of Practice include: The Getty, Bunim Murray Productions, Z Gallerie, Canon Medical Systems, AFEX, AMPAS, Kingston Technologies, The Irvine Company, In ‘N Out Burger, Palace Entertainment, Roland DGA, HCP, Inc., Metropolitan Water District, Keck Medical Center, and many others.

Attending a Meeting.

If you have an interest in guesting at one of the COPs suitable for you, please Contact Us so we can arrange for you to guest at a COP meeting at no obligation.  If you are wondering when the meetings occur during the month, please click on [Find a Meeting] and let us know of your interest.

I value the opportunity to network and share with my peers the common issues and approaches to technology and leadership. I value the group's experience and advice to help me become a better leader.
John Manzanares
Chief Information Officer
We all face a variety of difficult challenges and decisions in our day to day jobs. COP [Community of Practice] provides me the opportunity to get honest opinions, insights and past experiences from my peers on these issues. To me, this aspect of our meeting is more valuable than attending hours of seminars or reading multiple reports about the same subjects.
Shervan Shah
Director, Information Technology
Partner Engineering & Science
There are two big benefits I get from COP. First is hearing first hand from other CIO's about the technology products actually being used in the business and second is being able to work through IT business issues with a group of trusted advisors.
John Wolff
Vice President & CIO
Profit Recovery Partners
For me, the COP meetings have been a great way to gain a broader perspective on key issues that we are facing and to solicit feedback and ideas from other CIO’s.
Gabe Cortina
Chief Technology Officer
Bunim-Murray Productions
The biggest benefit I receive from the COP is the ability to query COP members for advice regarding hardware, software, best practices, etc. This ability allows me to quickly make informed decisions which is invaluable.
Tak Fujii
Manager, College Information Systems
Los Angeles Community College
It helped me to be a better leader, manager and mentor.
Steve Pomush
VP & CIO, American Homes 4 Rent
I have always found the meetings to be great forms for sharing experiences and issues.
Ian Necus
EVP and CIO, PSI Services
I have been a member of COP for more than seven years and have attended many different key peer-to-peer networking groups. Unlike other groups, COP builds a culture of sharing openly and honestly, allowing for greatest growth of the individuals. This is accomplished not only because of the individual members dedication to improvement, but the facilitators taking a genuine interest in the individual’s development. I cannot more highly recommend COP as an investment tool into for staff.
Matt Chan
Help Desk Manager, Oakwood Worldwide
The COP has been quite valuable to me, particularly in the feedback I received from my peers in the group in discussions about processes, personnel, org structure, etc.
Mike Downing
Joining this group is help me develop my perspective of IT’s value proposition to image solutions. I have been part of this group for over year and found that the connections I have made across different industries are invaluable
Raj Sharma
Director IT, Image Solutions