Who We Are

We are an executive coaching, consulting firm offering these services plus membership(s) in Communities of Practice (COPs) for business leaders.

To appreciate our unique value, start by considering a question that is critically relevant to the business world.


Why do Executives turn over in less than 3 years?

Your success as an executive is measured by your ability to lead, solve problems, keep your customers happy and your staff loyal, develop a strong relationship with your boss and manage your budget. The areas that successful executives cite as critical to being successful include:

  • Alignment with business
  • Deployment of technology
  • Creating a positive work environment

Too many executives are not handling these key issues with the success that is expected. These are tough issues that often require assistance.

Steve Heckler Associates (SHA) helps you to meet these challenges that cause high turnover in executives. We assist you in addressing your most pressing business and technical issues. While we coach, you learn through the process of doing, thereby strengthening your skills as a leader and as a problem solver.

We approach your business challenges directly by focusing on the elements most relevant to your effectiveness as an executive. You benefit from an experiential approach with tangible results.

  • Problems get resolved
  • Management effectiveness is enhanced
  • Customer satisfaction increases


Too often you are matched with the wrong consultant for the job you need done.

Steve Heckler Associates only takes on assignments that we are qualified for:  Strategic Planning, Audits, Organizational Effectiveness and critical staff augmentation.  Our associates are VP level staff in their previous corporate roles, requiring little oversight while producing excellent results.

Communities of Practice (COP)

Who do you turn to for help when you need some help, advice or just want to kick around some new ideas?

Peer-to-peer networking is the perfect solution for decreasing your isolation and creating a feeling of community.  SHA has been facilitating Communities of Practice for over 15 years with over 100 members in 1 groups with an average tenure of 3.8 years.  COP members feel safe to express themselves in a safe environment where they are not judged and peers are there to help each other.

The more informed you are the more more quickly you can make informed decisions.  Getting assistance in problem solving, having other executives examining and suggesting alternative solutions is the benefit that comes from engaging in a community of your peers.  It’s not about competition in these groups; it’s about sharing

In Summary

Our engagements are directed by Steve Heckler, founder of Steve Heckler Associates. Mr. Heckler has had 16 years of executive management experience and 25 years of senior management experience with companies such as IBM, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Bank of America, Health Net, PacTel Cellular (Air Touch), Lorimar Telepictures and Activision.

He knows how to guide you toward achievement of your defined objectives.